Rachael Ray: Carol Burnett Carrie & Me Review & Paper Towel Challenge


Rachael Ray: Paper Towel Challenge & Carol Burnett’s Tarzan Yell

On April 22 2013, Rachael Ray brings home remedies and tips on going to the grocery store from Sara Moulton. Rachael wants you to avoid some common mistakes that are screaming at you from the grocery store shelf. Also, comedy queen Carol Burnett shares her mother-daughter stories.

Rachael Ray: Peanut Butter Container Trick

When you shop you probably compare the ounces and pounds of the product you are buying. While that’s a smart thing, you can also look at the packaging to tell if you will get more of a product. Peanut butter jars come in a variety of shapes. You have to check the well or dimple on the bottom of the jar. Some jars will have a large dimple on the bottom while others are small or flat.


The same thing goes for yogurt containers. You can look at shape, size and thickness of the container to know if you are going to get more bang for your buck.

Rachael Ray: Carol Burnett Carrie & Me Review & Paper Towel Challenge

On April 22 2013, Rachael Ray talked to Carol Burnett about her famous comedy characters and her daughter, Carrie. (Featureflash / Shutterstock.com)

Rachael Ray: Extra-Virgin Olive Oil Cut With Walnut Oil

Sara said one of the most dangerous products in your grocery could be extra-virgin olive oil, or EVOO. While Rachael Ray’s EVOO comes in all-Italian or blended varieties, some companies aren’t up front with what is in their products. Buyers should beware of EVOO cut with walnut oil if they have allergies. It’s always best to buy the products that are certified.


Rachael Ray: Raw & Unfiltered Honey

Another product that isn’t always pure is honey. We like to pour our honey, but it’s hard to do that unless it has been heated and filtered. This lessens the nutritional value of the product and makes it more sugary. Rachael and Sara recommend buying the raw and unfiltered honey. It may cost more, but it is better tasting and healthier for you.

Rachael Ray: Paper Towel Challenge

Just because it says 33 percent more doesn’t mean that it is more. Rachael and Sara pulled the paper towel rolls out across the studio and proved that just because it says more, doesn’t mean it has more. You have to look at the number of sheets to tell if the product is going to be all you are paying for. The product with 33 percent more only came 75 percent as far as the other brand.

Rachael Ray: Can Carol Burnett Still Do the Tarzan Yell?

The “Queen of Comedy” Carol Burnett is famous for her spunk and loud attitude. Part of that loud attitude can be credited to her Tarzan yell. Burnett said she learned the yell when she was a little girl. She was once asked to do it in a department store before they cleared her check. She did the yell and a security guard came running with his gun out.

Rachael Ray: Carol Burnett Inspiring Mother-Daughter Story

Burnett’s daughter Carrie Hamilton died in 2002 from brain and lung cancer at 38-years-old. Burnett described her daughter as full of joy and “effervescent.” Burnett recently combined an unfinished novel her daughter was working on and a memoir about her life into one book. Carrie and Me: A Mother-Daughter Love Story contains secrets and emails between mother and daughter.


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