Rachael Ray: Buffalo Ranch Thanksgiving with Christina Hendricks


Rachael Ray November 15 2013

Recapo update: Here are the recipes from this show.

For the past several days, Rachael Ray has been celebrating Wild Turkey Week on her show. Now that is coming to an end, but there is still one more crazy take on the classic Thanksgiving entree yet to be shared. Are you ready for Rachael’s Buffalo Ranch-giving, with John McLemore and Sunny Anderson? That’s coming up on Friday, November 15.


Rachael Ray: Buffalo Ranch-Giving with John McLemore

Rachael Ray: Buffalo Ranch Thanksgiving with Christina Hendricks

Rachael Ray is wrapping up Wild Turkey Week with her Buffalo Ranch Thanksgiving. John McLemore will be on hand to deep fry a turkey.

John McLemore is the man behind Masterbuilt, which makes cooking products for inside and outside the house. This time of year, that means turkey fryers. He is hanging out with Rachael to show you an alternative for making your turkey on November 15.

Find out how you can make an unstoppable flavor combination with McLemore’s Ranch Fried Turkey and Buffalo Sauce Recipe, coming up on Friday’s show. For those who love the bird fried, this takes things to a new and delicious level. Isn’t America great?


Also, maybe John will give us some advice about the best turkey fryers and related cooking products.

Rachael Ray: Sunny Anderson Buffalo Ranch Thanksgiving

There’s plenty more when it comes to this all-American Thanksgiving menu. Rachael’s pal Sunny Anderson is back and she is bringing Buffalo Ranch Stuffin’ Muffins with her to the dinner table. Sunny Anderson always has an endless amount of fun when she hangs out with Rachael Ray, so you can count on their playful banter in the kitchen as well.

But that’s not all. Be sure to watch Rachael making Blue Cheese Ranch Mashed Potatoes and a Ranch Green Bean Casserole when it’s time to eat hearty on Friday’s episode. You are going to want all of these recipes, so be sure to come back and get them! But first, be sure to watch the antics on TV.

Rachael Ray: Christina Hendricks Cocktails

Plus, Mad Men star Christina Hendricks is on the show to serve up some classic cocktails with Rachael and friends, like an Old Fashioned or her Gold and Soda Cocktail Recipe. Don’t miss it this Friday, November 15 on an all new episode!


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