Rachael Ray: Bobby Flay Short Rib Recipe & Bobby Flay Fit Web Series


Rachael Ray: Bobby Flay Secrets to Slimming Down

Ray and Flay are back together and this time Bobby Flay has all the secrets you want to slim down for summer. But these are no normal diet recipes. These recipes are full of flavor without being full of calories.

Rachael Ray and Bobby Flay are going to tag team a short ribs recipe that can be made in advance and will have your family asking for second helpings.


Rachael Ray: Bobby Flay Short Rib Recipe & Bobby Flay Fit Explained

Rachael Ray May 28 2013 is teaming up with Bobby Flay to make a short rib recipe and Cote de Pablo is dishing on some of her NCIS co-stars.
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Bobby Flay Fit Review

Besides his healthy recipes to help you slim down this summer, Bobby Flay is also going to be explaining his new web series Bobby Flay Fit. The new series focuses on ways to turn around your lifestyle and become a healthier person.

Each week Bobby Flay teaches viewers how they can create healthier habits in only a week. Just think, you could lose a few pounds a week without having to try very hard and without having to give up some of your favorite foods.


Bobby Flay Question and Answer

Rachael Ray is letting her audience be apart of the her May 28 2013 episode. She is opening the floor for them to ask Bobby Flay anything they want. From what a typical date night is like with his wife Stephanie March to what exercise he will not do during his new web series.

Do you have any questions you wish you could ask him? I’ve always wondered what his favorite food is and what he considers to be the most disgusting food in the world.

Cote de Pablo NCIS

Cote de Pablo, from the TV series NCIS, stops by Rachael Ray to dish on one of her many adorable co-stars. For fans of Michael Weatherly, this is one episode of Rachael Ray you do not want to miss. Pablos has all the inside information you are going to want to hear as she dishes on show secrets about some leading men.


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