Rachael Ray: Belly Melt Diet Breakfast & Gretta’s Slimming Jeans Guide


Rachael Ray: Slim Down With The Belly Melt & New Jeans

On March 21 2013, Rachael Ray is getting secrets for keeping you slim. With spring here but snow still falling in most of the country, you still have time to work on your summer body! She’s got healthy tips on eating to stay full and the best jeans to buy for your body type.

Rachael Ray: Belly Melt Diet Breakfast & Gretta's Slimming Jeans Guide

On March 21 2013, Rachael Ray tells us the best breakfast to keep you full and to melt fat.


Rachael Ray: The Belly Melt Diet

Margot Gilman is the author of The Belly Melt Diet. She breaks down hormones and what happens at certain times of the day. Around 8 a.m. you should have a good breakfast of protein and complex carbs. Skim milk is a great choice. Around 10:30 a.m. the hunger hormone rises again. She recommends protein and complex carbs, like blueberries and yogurt.

For lunch, your hormones start wanting fat. Remember the saying “if you feed a mouse a cookie?” If you give your body fat, it’s going to want more. Stay with the same complex carbs and protein. Gilman suggests a hearty chicken and vegetable soup with crackers.

When you start feeling snacky around 2:30 p.m. you can get through it! Gilman said your body really wants sleep. She says nap time is okay? I’ll have to consult my boss on that one. You should cut off coffee at 3:30 p.m. because any later could disturb your sleep schedule.


Racheal Ray: Gretta’s Jeans Guide

Rachael brings in her fashion specialist, Gretta Monahan, to give you a rundown on jeans. Her testers said they felt like they had dropped two sizes by following her tips.

You want to keep the front of your jeans embellishment-free. When you have bling on the front of the jeans, it draws the eye to the widest part of your body. That’s not what you want it to do.

When you have a high contrast two-tone on the front and thighs of your jeans makes you look bigger. Go for a one color look to slim you down two sizes. If the butt is your problem area, pay attention to the pockets on your jeans. They should be bigger if you want to look slimmer.


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