Rachael Ray: 15-Minute Workout, Closet Spring Cleaning & Pilaf Recipes


Rachael Ray March 27 2014

Recapo update: Here is the recipe from this show.

Rachael Ray has assembled quite the menagerie of friends and expert guests who are an integral part of her show. We are seeing a lot of them lately, as Dr Ian Smith and Peter Walsh both return for their second appearances of the week during the March 27 show. This Thursday, Rach is all new with more great advice for you.


Rachael Ray: 15-Minute Gym Workout

Rachael Ray: 15-Minute Workout, Closet Spring Cleaning & Pilaf Recipes

Do some closet spring cleaning with organizer Peter Walsh on Rachael Ray’s all new March 27 episode.

Would you go to the gym with Dr Ian Smith? I would be afraid that he would exhaust me in the first five minutes, but Rachael Ray is hanging tough for a 15-minute workout that he thinks will give you all the exercise you need to stay on track for his game plan. You can follow along this Thursday.

Dr Ian Smith is a frequent guest on Rachael’s show, and a contributor to The Doctors. His latest book is called Super Shred, and he is also going to show Rachael’s studio audience how they can break a sweat with just one minute of exercise. I know the point is supposed to be convenience, but no one wants to get sweaty for a minute and then get back to work at the office, do they?


Rachael Ray: Peter Walsh Closet Spring Cleaning

Peter Walsh is taking us backstage to get a look at Rachael Ray’s wardrobe closet, which contains a shocking number of shoe boxes. Can he help her get organized as he demonstrates some of the most important rules surrounding spring cleaning?

It could be a challenge, but Rach is planning to get her revenge when she puts both of her famous friends on the spot in a diversion executed by Jake Porway, host of the Numbers Game. That’s all coming up on Thursday, March 27, when Rach is brand new.

Rachael Ray: Pilaf Recipes

There’s more than one way to make a Pulled Chicken Pilaf Recipe. As far as Rachael Ray is concerned, there are at least two, which she will be demonstrating during the cooking portion of her next show, so don’t miss it.


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