Rachael: Jennifer Hudson, Dr Travis & How Do You Load A Dishwasher?


Rachael Ray May 9 2013

Rachael Ray is getting healthy on her May 9 episode, with Jennifer Hudson’s weight loss advice and at-home medical tests you can do from Dr Travis Stork. Also on the show, Craig Robinson will talk about the end of The Office. Then, how do you load a dishwasher? Here’s a sneak peek at Thursday’s episode.

Rachael Ray: Jennifer Hudson Weight Loss

Rachael: Jennifer Hudson, Dr Travis & How Do You Load A Dishwasher?

On Rachael Ray’s May 9 episode, how do you load a dishwasher? Plus, Jennifer Hudson shares her weight loss tricks and Dr Travis Stork shares DIY tests.


Jennifer Hudson said she loves cheesy bread. Who doesn’t? But Hudson is staying slim after her high-profile weight loss. She is telling Rachael how she does it and what things are like at home with her young son. That’s on Rachael’s May 9 show.

Rachael Ray: Dr Travis Stork DIY Medical Tests

You never know what medical information you can turn up on a given episode of The Doctors. But now the show’s resident hunk, Dr Travis Stork, is making a house call on Rachael Ray’s show. She is going to get the scoop on some medical tests you can perform at home to see whether you need to make an appointment with your family doctor, or maybe see a specialist.

Check out Dr Travis Stork’s DIY medical tests on Rachael Ray’s May 9 episode.


Rachael Ray: Craig Robinson The Office Finale

After nine seasons, NBC’s long-running comedy The Office is preparing to say goodbye. One of the show’s stars, Craig Robinson, is coming on Rachael Ray’s show as part of his farewell tour. See if he will spill any secrets or surprises about the series finale, airing May 16 on NBC.

Rachael Ray: How Do You Load A Dishwasher?

It’s another Chore Wars challenge on Rachael Ray’s May 9 episode. She is inviting two fans of the show to compete in a contest. Who can load the dishwasher most efficiently? The winner gets to take home a fabulous prize.

How do you load a dishwasher? If your house is anything like mine, some people don’t have any clue how to properly load the dishwasher…at least if you want the dishes to come out clean. Maybe you can pick up some tips from the May 9 show.


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