Rachael: Clinton Kelly Valentine Makeovers + Spinach Artichoke Waffles


Rachael Ray February 12 2014

Recapo update: Here are the recipes from the show.



Does your love need a makeover in time for Valentine’s Day? Well, the clock is ticking, so you may want to spend some time with Rachael Ray on February 12, when her guest, The Chew host and style expert Clinton Kelly, offers some free advice. Plus, Waffle Week crackles on with another unexpected twist using a favorite menu item.

Rachael Ray: Clinton Kelly Valentine Makeovers

Rachael: Clinton Kelly Valentine Makeovers + Spinach Artichoke Waffles

Can love conquer bad fashion choices? Clinton Kelly is presiding over some Valentine Makeovers for Rachael Ray on the February 12 episode of her show.

Love is blind, as the old saying goes, but unfortunately for some people, that does not mean no one else can see what you look like. Rachael Ray is helping some viewers who have learned that lesson the hard way. They will be hanging out with her on the February 12 show this Wednesday, as Clinton Kelly provides the blunt and effective style advice you know you can trust.


Three couples are on the show so they can look better together, but will Clinton be able to barrel through their fashion missteps? What about the man who only wants to wear camouflage? I don’t know whether that will end well. Let’s see whether he can get these men and women Red Hot Ready in time for V-Day.

Rachael Ray: Spinach and Artichoke Waffles

All this week, Rachael Ray is wowing us with recipes from her third annual Waffle Week. This time, the menu includes Spinach and Artichoke Waffles, expanding on the idea that there are more times of the day than just breakfast when you can make good use of that waffle iron.

With so many great ideas already taking shape, what can you imagine she might turn into waffles next?

Also on the menu for Wednesday is Rachael’s recipe for Brunch Burgers, which sound like a fun plan to me. You will want to check out the show and indulge in some amazing recipes (plus bonus fashion advice) from the all new February 12 episode, just in time to make your last-minute Valentine plans.


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