Maury’s 2500th Episode: First Guests Return & Anniversary Surprises


Maury May 17 2013

Maury Povich is celebrating a milestone on Friday, May 17. It is Maury’s 2500th episode, and to celebrate, he will reunite with the guests who started it all. Plus, Maury and the audience are in for a few surprises. Here’s a sneak peek at what’s in store.

Maury’s 2500th Episode

Maury's 2500th Episode: First Guests Return & Anniversary Surprises

On May 17 2013, it is Maury’s 2500th episode, and he is inviting past guests back on the show to celebrate. Don’t miss anniversary surprises from stars.


Can you imagine how many cheaters and paternity tests have taken place over the past 2500 episodes? There have been plenty of brawls, lots of tears, and too many shocked guests to keep track of.

But for this occasion, Maury is being reunited with some guests who were there in the very beginning. What happened to the guests from his very first episode? Did Larry step up and take on his responsibilities as a father? The whole family is back with an update on how things turned out.

I think the math is a little fuzzy, because Maury has been on TV in some fashion since 1991, so he should be closer to the neighborhood of 4,000 shows, but maybe they are counting from when they revamped the show a little over a decade ago.


Maury: The First Guests Return

Sarah was one of the show’s first out of control teens. How did the show change her life? She is returning to Maury’s stage to talk about how being a guest helped her get her life on track. That’s coming up on the special May 17 episode of Maury.

Is it weird to anyone else that Maury looks older in these archival clips than he does in the present day? I guess those are the modern-day miracles of technology and science. We will also find out what happened with the family involved in the show’s first paternity test ever.

Maury’s Anniversary Surprises

Plenty of stars and celebrity fans have wished Maury well or this occasion. Selena Gomez, Honey Boo Boo, and even Joan and Melissa Rivers are weighing in for the occasion. Plus, see what Shaq has to say about this television milestone.

To mark the occasion, Maury will get a special surprise when his wife, TV’s Connie Chung, pops out of a cake during the celebration. Don’t miss Maury’s 2500th episode special, airing on May 17.


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