Maury: Wild Teens Love To Party & Maury’s Scared Straight Session


Maury: Teens Out Of Control

On March 20 2013, Maury is all-new and talking about out of control teenagers. Her talks to sisters that are out of control and on a bad path. Then a 13-year-old tells off an audience member. Maury brings a former wild child in to scare the girls straight. Will they learn that serving their community is better than partying?

Maury: Wild Teens That Love To Party & Maury's Scared Straight Session

On March 20 2013, Maury has wild teens telling his audience why they love to party. Will Maury’s team be able to scare them straight or are they headed down a bad road?


Maury: Brooklyn & Alyssa

First up, Brooklyn and her sister Alyssa say they do what they want, when they want. The girls drink, smoke and party their young lives away.

Maury: Tamesha

At 13, Tamesha is having threesomes. She gets annoyed with an audience member for flipping her hair and making fun of her. Sounds like we’re about to get an unexpected guest beat down!

The girls are in for a rude awakening. Maury didn’t just bring them here to brag about their partying ways.


Maury: Tiffany’s Party Ends

In order to scare the girls straight, Maury brings in Tiffany. Tiffany’s wild party life ended when she lost both of her legs. She takes her prosthetics off and and waves them at the girls as a warning. This could be your future.

They send the girls to spend time cleaning and serving the community. The hope is that the girls learn right from wrong and don’t have to learn it during jail time.


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