Maury: Who Is the Father, Travis or Jerry? Is Jason Carter’s Father?


Maury: Who Is the Father?

On March 8 2013, Maury is paternity test central. He’s helping multiple women test the possible fathers for their babies. Who is the father this time, Travis or Jerry? Is Jason the father of Amanda’s baby Carter? Maury has the test results that will ease these parents’ minds.

Maury: Travis Or Jerry, Who’s the Father?

Maury: Who Is the Father, Travis or Jerry? Is Jason Carter's Father?

On March 8 2013, Maury has the test results these men have been looking for. Are they fathers?


Travis and Jerry have been on Maury’s stage before. The last time was to figure out who was the father of Jerry’s fiancée’s baby. It turned out that neither man was the baby’s father. Jerry proposed to his fiancée on Maury’s stage just before he read the results.

This second time, Travis and Jerry are fighting over another baby from the same woman. This baby is Travis’ daughter! Backstage, Jerry proposes to his girlfriend again even though he’s not the father of her children.

Maury: Amanda & Jason, Is He the Baby’s Father?

Amanda and Jason have a one-year-old son, Carter. Jason doubts that Carter is his son. Jason says that if he is not the father, he will still be in the baby’s life but may not stay with Amanda. He has his doubts and Amanda confessed to being unfaithful. Jason says he has a special connection with baby Carter, but is he a father or just a best friend?


Jason is the father of baby Carter! He and Amanda go backstage to have a special family moment with their son.


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