Maury: Unfaithful Fiances Outed On Stage, Lie Detector Confessions


Maury: Cheaters & Wedding Bells

On March 19 2013, Maury’s guests tell their boyfriends that if they lie, they better take a lie detector test. Only then will they put a ring on it. These women believe that their partners are lying, cheating scumbags. How many times will they get hurt before breaking up with their unfaithful partners?

Maury: Unfaithful Fiances Outed On Stage & Lie Detector Confessions

On March 19 2013, Maury hopes to hear his guests’ wedding bells and not their screams after he reads their lie detector results.


Maury: Jemia & Jersey Dirty Cell Phone Photos

Girlfriend Jemia found dirty pictures on her boyfriend Jersey’s phone. Now she’s bringing him in for a lie detector to figure out who he got them from and why. Jersey blames his cousin for the photos, but does Jemia buy it? There is a high chance of screaming and in your face confrontation on this segment.

On March 19 2013, Jersey’s confessions and the lie detector results blow everything up. It’s clear Jemia didn’t see this coming. Or did she? It’s a good think Jerry has security.

Maury: Kim & Ross Wedding Disaster

Also on this episode, Kim refuses to walk down the aisle until Ross proves he didn’t cheat. She wants a faithful husband, not a philandering one. Kim has put their wedding on indefinite haitus until the lie detector results clear or tarnish Ross’ reputation.


She doesn’t want to face the truth and neither does Ross. After the results are read, Ross walks backstage and Kim follows him. She begs him to tell her it’s all a lie, but he just keeps on walking. What did Ross confess to doing?

Maury has cheaters and innocents on March 19 2013.


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