Maury: Twisted Family Tree, Serial Cheating & Sleeping With My Son


Maury May 7 2013

Once someone has cheated on you, how can you ever be sure that he or she will remain faithful in the future? That’s a question for guests to think about on the May 7 episode of Maury. One man wants to know: “Did my wife betray me by sleeping with my son?” This is one extremely twisted family tree on today’s Maury.

Maury: Twisted Family Tree

Maury: Twisted Family Tree, Serial Cheating & Sleeping With My Son

Maury’s May 7 episode has one twisted family tree, as guests return to Maury’s show for more shocking revelations. Will a serial cheater get away with it?


In a previous appearance, Romel came clean to his wife Chanel about the fact that he had been cheating on her, with her own sister, Nakiya.

The guests are back for more Maury action in the May 7 show. That’s because Romel thinks Chanel is now cheating on him…with his younger son, Romel Jr. Romel Jr. is 21, and to make matters even more confusing, he is in a relationship with Chanel’s sister.

I don’t know how Maury keeps track of all these tangled lives. I guess since a DNA test can’t sort much of this out, they might need to turn to a lie detector. I feel like I need a decoder ring to make sense of all these interconnected relationships.


I think people should be able to love whomever they choose, but what is accomplished when you are revenge cheating with family members? That does not seem healthy in the least.

Maury: Serial Cheating

Also on the show, Reggie is a confessed serial cheater who says he loves the adrenaline rush of being with other women. How will Teri react when he claims that this behavior is an addiction he cannot control?

She thinks he only wants to be with women who are not her. What sense will Maury make of this mess? Tune in for the May 7 show to find out for yourself.


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