Maury: Troubled Teen Moesha Pregnant & Kelcee Brings Strange Men Home


Maury: Out Of Control Teens

On April 17 2013, Maury shows us some out of control teens. These girls and their mothers are on their last straw with each other. Moesha lost her v-card at 11 and her mom says that she’s out of control. Kelcee, 13, freaks her mom out because she’s bringing random men to their home. Also, Melissa, 13, recently assaulted her mother. Maury plans on throwing tough love at these girls and scaring them straight.

Maury: Moesha’s Virginity

Maury: Troubled Teen Moesha Pregnant & Kelcee Brings Strange Men Home

On April 17 2013, Maury talks to three troubled teens. Moesha is 14 and may be pregnant. Kelcee doesn’t think about safety when she is with strange men.


Moesha lost her virginity at 11-years-old. Her mother is worried, for good reason, about her daughter’s lifestyle. She tells Maury on April 17 that Moesha’s Facebook page and the rumors about her are unbearable to hear. Moesha may already be pregnant.

Maury: Kelcee’s Random Men

This teen is so out of control even her mother can’t keep the strange men out of their home. On April 17, Maury meets Kelcee and finds out why Kelcee is bringing strangers home for hookups. She also likes to visit abandoned homes with men. Kelcee’s mother fears for their lives.

Maury: Melissa Assaulted Her Mom

Also on this episode, troubled teen Melissa recently kicked her mother in the face. It’s clear that this is an out of control teen.


Maury gives these women lessons in tough love and sends them to jail. Will this be the slap in the face that they need or are they too far down a dangerous path?



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