Maury: Tim’s Friend Sleeps with His Wife & Johnnie Cheating on Tammy?


Maury: Tammy Becoming Suspicious of Her Husband

Tammy is getting tired of her neighbor Renee. She tells Maury her neighbor is always over her house and she suspects Renee is at her home when she isn’t there either. She thinks her husband, Johnnie, is sleeping with Renee behind her back because she caught Renee coming out of her home when only Johnnie was there.

Could there be trouble in paradise? Is Johnnie cheating on Tammy? He claims that nothing happens when Renee comes over the house because the two of them are just hanging out.


Maury: Tim's Friend Sleeps with His Wife & Johnnie Cheating on Tammy?

Maury Povich June 18 2013 talked with Tammy who thinks her boyfriend Johnnie is cheating on her and Tim suspects his friend Tom of sleeping with his wife.

I wonder what the lie detector test will reveal.

Maury: Raven Plans to Wed Robert but He Might Be Cheating

Raven is only 19-years-old but she has fallen head over heels for Robert. In less than a month the couple is set to be married but there is a bit of a snag in their plans. Robert’s sister, Robyn, is encouraging Robert to go out and cheat saying he is too young to get married and that he needs to meet other women before he settles down at such a young age.


“I came home and the bed was all messed up. It was off the wall,” said Raven when explaining why she is suspicion of her fiance cheating.

Could the nuptials be called off? Or is Robert staying faithful to his girlfriend?

Maury: Tom Sleeps with Tim’s Wife

Tim and Tom have been best friends for a really long time but their friendship may be coming to an end. Tim’s daughter found out Tom was sleeping with her dad’s wife, Angela, and she told her father about her mother’s infidelity.

“Every time I turn around, he is at my house,” said Tim.

Could Tim and Tom’s friendship be over forever? And what will come of his marriage? Plus, Tom denies sleeping with his best friend’s wife. He says this is all one big misunderstanding.  Even Angela says her husband just has some insecurity issues and nothing is happening between her and Tom.


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