Maury: The DNA Results Are In…Are These Three Kids Mine?


Maury May 6 2013

The DNA results don’t lie, and that is exactly what guests of Maury’s May 6 episode are counting on. First, Takeea and Brent are getting to the bottom of what’s going on between them, following up on a previous appearance. Then, MaryAnn is squaring off against Dooger about the paternity of their three kids. Who will come out on top?

Maury: DNA Results Are In

Maury: The DNA Results Are In...Are These Three Kids Mine?

On Maury’s May 6 show, the DNA results are in and past guests are confronting one another about new accusations of infidelity. Will Maury get the truth?


On a previous episode, Takeea and Brent came on Maury’s show because she suspected he was cheating on her. Brent passed the lie detector when he was asked about whether he cheated with Takeea’s best friend, Shenqua.

Now the three of them are back on Maury’s stage, and there is a new accusation to unravel. Did Takeea cheat on Brent? Is someone else the father of her child? Shenqua said that she knows her friend cheated on her man.

But the proof is in the test results, so you know everyone is hanging on and just waiting to see the real truth.


Maury: Are These Three Kids Mine?

Also on Maury’s May 6 episode, MaryAnn is confronting her fiance, Dooger. He said that he is not the father of any of her three children, and that she gets around. But is he just trying to get out of his responsibility?

This is a job for not one, not two, but three DNA tests. Find out the truth about all three of the couple’s children. As usual, no one is going to be more surprised than the guests themselves. Shouldn’t at least one of them know the truth for themselves, even if they are lying to everyone else about it?

Saddle up for another round of DNA drama on Maury’s May 6 episode. Wouldn’t it be a hilarious misunderstanding if all the DNA results got mixed up and Maury was giving out wrong information?


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