Maury: Stop Denying Our Twins…I’ll Prove I Didn’t Cheat


Maury May 15 2013

What a tangled web we weave. I think Shakespeare said that, but it could be applied to just about any episode of Maury. On the May 15 show, guests are fighting over DNA results, cheating accusations, and even a set of twins. A wedding hangs in the balance for one couple, while another couple might be hoping for a chance to go their separate ways. This show is called “Stop Denying Our Twins…I’ll Prove I Didn’t Cheat.”

Maury: Stop Denying Our Twins

Maury: Stop Denying Our Twins...I’ll Prove I Didn’t Cheat

Maury’s May 15 2013 episode is called “Stop Denying Our Twins…I’ll Prove I Didn’t Cheat.” Two fathers are denying their responsibility. What is the truth?


Deidra cannot believe she is putting up with nonsense from her fiance, Cedric. They are supposed to get married, but there is the matter of the paternity of their twins. He insists that those are not his children, and he does not want to be responsible for them.

What will happen when the couple gets the DNA results from both kids? Should the guests save a date for the wedding? Where do you think Deidra and Cedric are registered? Maury always brings out so many questions for me.

Find out if the twins are really Cedric’s on the May 15 show.


Maury: I’ll Prove I Didn’t Cheat

Once again, someone forgot to use my Dating Age Calculator. Megan is 22; David is 47. She found out she was pregnant and learned that David is married on the same day. Talk about a case of the Mondays.

Will Megan prove that David is the father of Megan’s baby? Tune in for Maury’s May 15 show to find out. Just for fun, David brought his wife along to the show, which should make for a little extra helping of drama.

One or both of the women in David’s life is going to be very upset when the DNA results are revealed on the next Maury, airing May 15. If you could give these families advice, what would you want to tell them? Leave messages in the comments.


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