Maury: Snooki’s Ex Emilio Masella Looks For Love & Gets a Big Surprise


Maury: Emilio Masella Searches For Love

Emilio Masella used to date Snooki back before she became a mom. Emilio claims he could be the father of Snooki’s son, Lorenzo. For now, he’s a personal trainer and he’s looking for love. Emilio came to Maury to find a girl that can roll with him and his lifestyle.

Maury: Snooki's Ex Emilio Masella Looks For Love & Gets a Big Surprise

On March 7 2013, Snooki’s ex Emilio Marsella looked for love on Maury. (Joe Seer /


Maury had three women to please Emilio. The first two were simple girls with little memorable qualities. One was blonde the other brunette.

Maury thought he should have some fun with Emilio and his past. He let the audience choose Emilio’s blind date, Katerin. Katerin was the tougher of the three and looked the most likely to keep Emilio in check. Instead of Katerin, a rather large Snooki look-a-like came on stage. He did get the real Katerin in the end, though.

Maury: Emilio & Snooki

Emilio made headlines a year ago when he told TMZ he hoped Snooki “has a miscarriage.” He said that the press took the direct quote too far. He cleared up the quote and said he meant that he wanted a future with Snooki and hoped she wasn’t having another man’s baby.


Maury: Carlos Used To Be a Nerd

Carlos came and asked for another chance with Heidi. Carlos was a nerd the last time he went on a date with her and she barely remembered him. Since the date, Carlos beefed up and got a new look. She came on stage and ripped his shirt off, drowning any memory of nerdy Carlos.

Heidi was excited and said she didn’t even remember Carlos. They went on a steamy date and had a real connection.


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