Maury: Shauntia’s Cheating Fiancé & Jimmy Has Five Women On The Side


Maury: Cheating Fiancés

On March 28 2013, Maury has his usual cheating fiancés. Jimmy and Maurice are in hot water with their girlfriends. They’ve been cheating and Maury has the proof.

Maury: Jimmy & Danica

Maury: Shauntia's Cheating Fiancé & Jimmy Has Five Women On The Side

On March 28 2013, Maury gives Danica and Shauntia the bad news about their boyfriends.


Did Jimmy cheat on Danica with five different women? It looks like he did. You know when a guy just looks shady? Well, Jimmy just sits on Maury’s stage, scowling out of guilt. I have to wonder if he really loved Danica or just what she did for him. She looks like a dependable, good woman. She just got wrapped up with a bad guy.

Danica is devastated. She’s been contacted by her fiancé’s five other women. At least they warned her before it was too late. Unfortunately, their new family is over before it ever really began.

Maury: Shauntia & Maurice

Maurice has been seeing his ex-girlfriend Karen. What does Karen have that his fiancée Shauntia doesn’t? Shauntia already has the more colorful name. Maurice has been flirting with Karen before now, but Shauntia doesn’t want to face the truth. Maury wants her to move on, so he presents the lie detector results.


Maury: Updates On Past Guests

Also in this episode, Maury promises updates on some of his past guests. He brings in people that have been overcoming their cheating scandals and those who weren’t cheating. Have they slipped up since? Who’s dumped who? It promises to be a future ex-girlfriend/boyfriend convention.


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