Maury: Who Is Your Baby’s Father?

What is the male version of a cougar? We’ll find out on April 11 2013 when Maury hosts some older men with 20-something baby mamas. Roger is doesn’t think he has any children, but his teen daughter and wife say differently. Then, Lawrence thinks that his father is also the father of his girlfriend’s baby. It’s a father-son bonding like you don’t even want to imagine.

Maury: Roger Calls Daughter Dumpster Baby & Father-Son Paternity Test

On April 11 2013, Maury gives a father and son a paternity test to find out who is the father of Cashmere’s baby. Roger runs around and calls his daughter a “dumpster baby."

Maury: Is Roger a Father?

Roger, 43, says he is not the father of his 25-year-old wife’s baby. Maury will give him a simple paternity test on April 11. The twist in this tale is that he has a teen daughter who he also thinks is not his flesh and blood. A double paternity test is in store for Roger.

Roger is an outspoken and rude old man. He jumps around on stage and gets the crowd to hate him. He even calls his teen daughter a “dumpster baby.”

Maury: Lawrence’s Father-Son Paternity Test

You would think that this is straight out of a movie. Lawrence doesn’t think that his girlfriend Cashmere, 19, and he have a baby together. He thinks that Cashmere’s baby is his father’s child. Is Lawrence helping his girlfriend raise his half-sibling?

Can you handle this father-son paternity test? The preview has Maury’s guests running all over the place. Even if they don’t leave with a baby, they’ll leave with a good cardio workout.

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