Maury Povich: Wild Teens Lyssa & Tamesha Scared Straight by Tiffany


Maury Povich: Brooklyn and Lyssa Living Dangerously

Brooklyn and her sister, Lyssa, are barely even teenagers but they say they do what they want no matter who tells them to do something differently. They are out drinking whiskey on school nights, they have been sleeping with men already and they do not listen to their parents about anything.

“I drink, I smoke, I do what I wanna do,” said Brooklyn to Maury.


Maury Povich: Wild Teens Lyssa & Tamesha Scared Straight by Tiffany

Maury Povich June 4 2013 met Lyssa, Brooklyn and Tamesha, all out of control teens who need to be scared straight before they kill themselves.

13-Year-Old Tamesha Having Threesomes

Tamesha, who is barely 13-years-old, is having threesomes already and she is stopping by Maury to tell everyone she doesn’t care. She even gets into it with one of the audience members telling her to “shut up” because the audience member was getting on her nerves.

Tiffany Loses Her Legs from Too Much Partying

To help get these three girls back on track, Maury tried a little shock therapy and brought out Tiffany who lost both her legs from partying too hard.


Would someone taking their legs off in front of you and then explaining to you she lost her legs because she went down the same path your are traveling, make you want to choose better decisions?

If you said yes, then you are not like the teens on this episode of Maury. They don’t care about Tiffany  losing her legs. All they want to do is continue partying.

Maury Makes Wild Teens Volunteer

In an effort to help them see their wrongs, Maury sent the girls with a motivational speaker to go serve the community. He wanted them to learn discipline but he also wanted to show them where they could end up if they continue down the wrong path. It only leads to prison or a homeless shelter and they were able to see first hand how they could be living in the future.


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