Maury Povich Who Fathered Sheila’s Child? Who Did Kimberly Sleep With?


Maury Povich: Who Fathered Sheila’s Child?

Sheila doesn’t know who the father of her child is and she wants Maury to find out for her. She is on the show because her baby’s father is either her boyfriend Cory or Cory’s brother Mike. She doesn’t know which one got her pregnant although she has been telling Cory the child is his since the baby was born.

She brought Cory along with her on the show to tell him that she cheated on him a long time ago and that the baby might not be his. When she tells him it could be his brother’s child, he looks like he is going to break down and cry.


Maury Povich Who Fathered Sheila's Child? Who Did Kimberly Sleep With?

Maury Povich June 12 2013 helped Sheila and Kimberly figure out who fathered their children while they both confessed to being cheaters.

Even if the baby is his, it doesn’t seem like Cory wants to be with Sheila anymore but that is all she wants.

“These rumors going around are tearing my family apart,” said Sheila before she put an end to the rumors and told Cory she was a cheater.


Maury has the paternity test and I have a feeling everyone is going to be surprised to find out who the father is.

Who Fathered Kimberly’s Baby?

Kimberly has a story similar to Sheila’s. She cheated on her husband Jeff with her new boyfriend James and now she is not sure who the father of her child is.

While Jeff left Kimberly when he found out she was cheating on him, he still wants to know who the father is. As for James, he wants the baby to be his as well. He tells Maury he will take care of the child if it his but who knows what he will do if the baby is not.

Only a paternity test knows who the real father is and Maury has the results ready.


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