Maury Povich: Revenge Cheating & DeRon Denies Child Due to Fingers


Maury: DeRon Denies Child Because of Lacking Pinky Finger

DeRon completely denies ever fathering a child with Tiara. He said he will not help take care of the son because he knows the child is someone else’s. But how does he know that? DeRon has an extra pinky finger but Tiara’s son does not.

“I can’t help it if my baby is normal,” said Tiara.


While Tiara does want DeRon to take a paternity test to show him he is the father of her son, Tiara is also worried about DeRon’s new girlfriend, Diamond. She tells DeRon the baby he has had with Diamond is not his baby but Diamond denies sleeping with any other men.

Maury Povich: Revenge Cheating & DeRon Denies Child Due to Fingers

Maury Povich June 11 2013 talked with one women who may be revenge cheating and another man denies a child because the child doesn’t have extra fingers.

“I know who the father of my child is,” said Diamond when she was questioned.


Looks like Maury has the answers to everyone’s baby daddy issues and he is ready to reveal which baby belongs to which father.

Do you think Tiara should be worrying about her own life more rather than Diamond’s? Or is she being a nice person by informing her that DeRon likes sleeping around?

Michelle Revenge Cheating with Her Brother-in-Law

The last time Mitchell was on Maury, he told his wife, Michelle, he was not cheating on her but when the lie detector results came in, it showed he was cheating on his wife.

Well the couple is back on the show and this time Mitchell thinks it is his wife Michelle doing the cheating. He claims she has been revenge cheating with his brother, who also happens to be her own brother-in-law.

The situation becomes even more complicated when Mitchell tells Maury he thinks his child with Michelle is not his at all. He thinks the child is his brother’s and he wants to find out for certain.

Shannon Lives in Homeless Shelters, Need Help

Shannon has been raising her child in a homeless shelter for quite some time and she is continually asking LeVar, the child’s father, to help her out. LeVar won’t help though. He says the child is not his and he may be right. Shannon might be directing her anger at the wrong person.

Is LeVar the father? Or is Shannon just trying to get a few hand outs?


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