Maury Povich: Countdown of Top Ten Biggest Betrayals in Season 22


Maury Looks Back at the Top Ten Betrayals This Season

Maury is taking a break from all the paternity tests, DNA test, lie detector tests, wild teens, cheating husbands, stripper wives and everything else he has seen over the past season to take a moment to breath. He took time during his June 19 2013 episode to look back on the top ten betrayals he has seen this season.

Maury Povich: Countdown of Top Ten Biggest Betrayals in Season 22

Maury Povich June 19 2013 dedicates an entire show to counting down the top ten biggest betrayals in season 22. Who will take the top spot?


There have been a lot of betrayals on the show this season and most of them have been between family members. Which will will be the top betrayal of the season? Which was the most shocking? Which was the most scandalous? Maury counts down.

Man Cheats on Wife with a Dog?

One of the betrayals he looks at is a man who betrays his wife with another person. She becomes so upset she has to run off stage while her husband chases after her.

“We are done. We are done. I knew you were with the dog,” said the woman, although I don’t think she meant a real dog. At least I hope not.


Man Backflips After Not Becoming the Father

Another betrayal has one man backflipping. When he finds out he is not the father of his ex-girlfriend’s child, he literally does a backflip right on the stage as his ex runs off the stage crying.

Number One Betrayal on Maury

There is a lot of screaming, a lot of crying and even more running off stage than any other episode of Maury in the history of the show. This has been one wild season and Maury has all the clips to prove it.

Which betrayal from this season would be the top betrayal for you? Let us know which episode it is by leaving us a comment below.


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