Maury: Online Dating Baby Mama & Is He the Teen Father Of Six Babies?


Maury: Brother vs. Brother

Kevin says that Lauren’s son is not his baby. He wants Maury to test his brother, David. Kevin thinks that Lauren cheated on him with David. It will be hard to tell, since brothers do tend to look alike in most cases. Lauren is furious over the accusation.

David doesn’t think it’s either brother’s baby! Only the DNA test will have the truth.


Maury: Double Baby Mama Drama

A mom defends her 17-year-old son against Koko and Mesha, who claim they both have a baby by the teen. He likes to take shirtless selfies and may have more baby mamas than Maury has in the studio! He could have six children.

Maury: You Are Not The Father

Maury: Online Dating Baby Mama & Is He the Teen Father Of Six Babies?

On March 11 2013, Maury does paternity tests for a teen that could be the father of six babies.


Juone and Jarunda come to Maury to get DNA tests for their two children. Juone doesn’t know if he is the father of Jarunda’s two babies. Maury’s DNA test shows that he is not the father of the infants. Jarunda tries to apologize, but the future is unclear for this couple.

Maury: Online Dating Baby Mama

Amy told Maury that she met Michael online and a month later moved to another state to be with him. Three days later, Michael kicked her out. Amy went home and found out she was pregnant.

Michael denies the baby is his and thinks that Amy was pregnant when she came to live with him. He said Amy was getting to clingy and he made her leave.

The DNA test proves that Michael is the baby’s father. Amy is vindicated and Michael embraces his son.


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