Maury: Melissa Divorces Dennis & Robert Claims He Didn’t Father 2 Kids


Maury Povich: Robert Refuses Two Children

Robert doesn’t just have one one baby momma saying her child is his as well. He has two women who both say their children were fathered by Robert but he doesn’t believe it. He even sings to Maury to get his point across. He does not think he is the father.

Maury: Melissa Divorces Dennis & Robert Claims He Didn't Father 2 Kids

Maury Povich May 27 2013 met with Robert who said he did not father two children from two women and Melissa wants a divorce from Dennis but is she a cheater.


Raymisha and Tianca both say the kids are his though.They both claim they slept with Robert at one point in their life and they want him to start taking care of his children.

After both the women do some screaming and yelling at Robert and Robert gets in a few backflips, it seems like the paternity test may have proven Robert to be right. I mean why else would someone being doing backflips on Maury?

Melissa Wants to Divorce Dennis

Melissa and Dennis have had quite a rocky relationship for the past few years and now Melissa is looking to divorce her husband. This might not seem like the type of argument that would happen on Maury, but there is a twist.


Dennis tells Maury he and Melissa got  married because she became pregnant. He said he wanted to do the right thing and marry her plus he figured the kids were his. It turns out they may not be his afterall.

While they are still married, Melissa has found a new boyfriend in Sean and Dennis believes the two kids he has been raising for a few years are not even his. Melissa doesn’t think Sean could be the father but she also isn’t saying she didn’t sleep with him while she was pregnant.

Maury has the paternity test that will reveal whether Sean or Dennis is the father of Melissa’s two children.


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