Maury: Marquis Cheats on Quinn & Father Sleeps with Son’s Fiance


Maury Povich: Marquis Cheating with Two Woman

Quinn is on the Maury today, June 6 2013, because she is worried her husband, Marquis, is cheating on her with two different people she knows. One of the women Quinn believes Marquis is cheating with is her stripper friend, Harleequinn. She also suspects Marquis of cheating on her with her own cousin Daisy.

“My cousin Daisy was coming out of my room and Marquis was pulling up his boxers,” she tells Maury.


Maury: Marquis Cheats on Quinn & Father Sleeps with Son's Fiance

Maury Povich June 6 2013 talked with Marquis about why he cheated on his wife and then met a father who slept with his son’s fiance even though he’s engaged

This seems like one pickle Marquis is not going to be able to get out of even though he denies being a cheater.

When Maury gets the lie detector tests results back, the results are astounding. While Quinn had no faith in her cousin Daisy, it turns out Marquis was not sleeping with her. But when it comes to her friend, Harleequinn, it turns out Marquis was sleeping with her.


Carlos Sr. Sleeping with Carlos Jr.’s Fiance

Gina is is engaged to Carlos Sr. but it doesn’t look like there will be a marriage in their future. Gina believes her fiance is cheating on her but it isn’t with some random woman. Gina believes he is cheating on her with his son’s own fiance.

As it turns out, they didn’t even need to come on Maury for a lie detector test. When Maury asks Carlos Jr.’s fiance, Jenny, if she ever slept with Carlos Sr. she tells everyone she has slept with him before.

Could this mean the end of two engagments? Or is this family strong enough to get past this?

It doesn’t seem like Carlos Jr. cared very much. When Jenny, his fiance,revealed she slept with his father, he didn’t he even looked shocked. He just sat in his seat and didn’t say a word.


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