Maury: Love Bite Or Spider Bite & Rob’s Family Affair With Erica’s Mom


Maury: Love Bite Or Spider Bite?

On April 12 2013, Maury spends time with Precious and B.J. Precious thinks her boyfriend B.J. is sleeping with her cousin. Then, Arthur won the lottery and his girlfriend  thinks that he’s getting with other women. Also, Erica believes that her fiancé Rob is going after her sisters and her mom. Is Rob having a family affair?

Maury: Love Bite Or Spider Bite & Rob's Family Affair With Erica's Mom

On April 12 2013, Maury helps Erica find out if Rob is having a family affair with her sisters and mom.


Maury: Precious & B.J.

Precious has reason to believe that her boyfriend is lying to her. B.J. came home with a hickey on his neck. B.J. said it’s a bruise from playing baseball and/or a spider bite. Obviously something else is triggering Precious’ thoughts of infidelity. Could it be her cousin Tam? She thinks he could be sneaking around with Tam behind her back.

Maury: Arthur & Nicole

Arthur won the lottery and his life changed. He was rich and his girlfriend Nicole immediately began questioning his faithfulness to her. She thinks that her boyfriend is getting lucky with more than one woman, including her 24-year-old cousin Courtney. Looks like Arthur’s luck is running out.

Maury: Erica & Rob

Also on this episode, Erica accuses her fiancé Rob of cheating. She thinks that he could be sleeping with both of her sisters and her mother. Rob has a big hole to dig himself out of. The good news is that if Erica calls it off, he has three women to fall back on.


Maury: Tiffany & Erik

Plus, don’t miss the big reveal when Tiffany confronts Erik about his cheating. He may have slept with 10 of her friends. Awkward.


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