Maury: Lie Detector Tests Reveal Secrets & Candy’s Cheating Boyfriend


Maury: Lie Detector Test Results

On April 4 2013, Maury rolls out the lie detector after days of nothing but paternity tests. Karen thinks that her sister may be sleeping with her boyfriend. Quentin wants to prove to his girlfriend that his is loyal and true to their love. Also, Miranda thinks Casey is cheating on her again. Once a cheater always a cheater on Maury April 4 2013.

Maury: Lie Detector Tests Reveal Secrets & Candy's Cheating Boyfriend

On April 4 2013, Maurice is sleeping with his girlfriend Karen and her sister Jennifer. Maury gives so many lie detector tests your head will spin.


Maury: Karen & Maurice

On this episode, Karen may find out she is single and sisterless. She believes her sister Jennifer is sleeping with her boyfriend Maurice. He has to take a lie detector test before Karen will even look at him. Maurice does have a secret and it may change their relationship forever.

Maury: Quentin & Precious

Next up, Quentin wants his girlfriend Precious to trust him again. He insists that he never cheated, but Precious has some proof that he spent the night with another woman. Precious says she won’t marry him if he did cheat.

Maury: Miranda & Casey

Also in this episode, Miranda and her boyfriend Casey are in line for the lie detector. Miranda is afraid that Casey has cheated on her again. The results might just end their not-so blissful union.


Maury: Candy’s Cheating Boyfriend

The cherry on top of this drama is Candy’s cheating boyfriend. Candy, 42, is dating a 21-year-old. Candy is not a fan of how these results go on April 4.


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