Maury: Is Robert Addicted to Cheating & Joe Lies, Cheats on His Fiance


Maury Povich: Robert Addicted to Cheating?

Kimberly is convinced her boyfriend Robert is addicted to cheating. She tells Maury he has cheated on her tons of time but she hasn’t been able to catch him red-handed yet.

“I am starting to think I am sleeping with the enemy,” she tells Maury as Robert sits next to her with his head lowered.


You would think Kimberly would know her man pretty well but it would seem she doesn’t. At least that is what her daughter thinks. Eboni says her mother is dead wrong about Robert. Eboni says there is no way Robert is cheating on her mother.

Maury: Is Robert Addicted to Cheating & Joe Lies, Cheats on His Fiance

Maury Povich June 11 2013 talked with a woman who thinks her boyfriend is addicted to cheating and another man sleeps with his fiance’s best friend.

“You’re going to lose a good man,” Eboni told her mother.


Maury has the lie detector results that reveal the truth and it seems Robert was not cheating at all. Not only is he not addicted to cheating, the lie detector revealed he has never cheated on Kimberly once during their entire relationship.

I guess Eboni was right.

Joe Tries to Make Love to Finance’s  Best Friend

Dana is convinced her fiance Joe tried to make love to her best friend, Dana, but Joe said that never happened. He came on the show because he wanted to clear his name and set the record straight.

“He is a total liar,” said Dana of her fiance.

Why marry him if he is a total liar?

Anyways, there is a lot of drama between the two before Maury even reads the results of the lie detector test. The couple continually go back and forth about who said what and who did what and how he has to be a cheater.

Well, Maury has the results of the lie detector test to set the record straight.

Do you think Joe cheated on his fiance?


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