Maury: Is My Husband Still Cheating? Lie Detector Results Revealed


Maury May 16 2013

I guess if you are going to go on Maury’s show one time to air your dirty laundry, it is not a leap to make a return appearance. But could you be talked into going back on the show a third time? Joseph and Rose are making a third stop on Maury’s stage for the May 16 episode. She wants to know: “Is my husband still cheating?”

Maury: Is My Husband Still Cheating?

Maury: Is My Husband Still Cheating? Lie Detector Results Revealed

Maury’s May 16 show features the return of past guests, who want to know: “Is my husband still cheating?” Will the lie detector results confirm their fears?


Couples in this episode are facing a crossroads in life. During their first appearance on the show, Joseph and Rose got the news that he was the father of another woman’s baby.

In a subsequent show, Joseph admitted that he had two mistresses on the side during their relationship. Now he is back and he says that he would like to renew his vows with her, but will she go for it?

She wants to get another lie detector first to find out whether he has truly been faithful. Will Rose get the answer she wants to hear? She shouldn’t really have to ask the questions at this point, since this is her third time through the process.


You can watch Rose’s reaction to the news on Maury’s May 16 show.

Maury: Lie Detector Results

Couples are always turning to Maury to validate their relationships or confirm their suspicions. Which do you think will be happening on the next episode? Maury is delivering lie detector results with care on the May 16 episode.

A psychic who had visions of her man cheating on her found out that her otherworldly senses were true in a previous appearance. Now she is back because she thinks he is cheating again. If she is psychic and she was right the last time, why doesn’t she do her own legwork and leave the free lie detector tests for people who do not have special intuitive powers?

Check out the predictable results on the next Maury, airing May 16.


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