Maury: Is My Boyfriend Cheating On Me? Voodoo Mom Update


Maury May 3 2013

Another couple in trouble took their dispute to Maury Povich to get answers and hopefully a resolution. This episode was called “I’m 55…Is My 21 Year Old Boyfriend Cheating On Me?” If you think the answer is obvious, you have probably watched Maury before.

Maury: Is My Boyfriend Cheating On Me?

Maury: Is My Boyfriend Cheating On Me? Voodoo Mom Update

On May 3, Maury Povich counseled couples. An older woman wants to know: is my boyfriend cheating on me? Maury also got an update on the voodoo mom.


Alicia is 55, and her boyfriend Q is 21. She thinks that he should be more romantically interested in her, but she wonders whether his seeming disinterest is because he is cheating on her with women his own age.

Alicia and Q are having it out on Maury’s stage. Alicia also decided she wanted evidence to help her uncover the truth. What did she catch Q doing on video?

Here’s the thing about this: just like that show Cheaters, you know they wouldn’t be calling you if they didn’t have evidence on tape already. It’s never going to be good news, or if it is, it won’t end up on TV.


Maury: Jenny Finds Cheating Evidence

Another woman, Jenny, said she has found racy pictures of other women in her younger man’s cell phone. What will happen when she confronts him on TV? Can the guests on Maury’s show ever find happiness? Tune in to the May 3 episode.

Maury: Anna & Ali Voodoo Mom Update

Anna and Ali were previous guests on Maury’s show. In their last episode, Anna found out that Ali was the father of her child. Now Ali thinks Anna is cheating on him. For support, Anna brought her “voodoo-practicing mom” along to Maury’s May 3 episode.

There are walk-offs and threats and even some writhing on the floor in this episode of Maury. I would assume that the floor at Maury’s show is not the most clean. You wouldn’t let your kids play in the floor at an airport or in a grocery store. Why is it a good idea to roll around on a talk show set?


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