Maury: Is Clarence Cheating At Church? Desirae’s Baby Daddy Strays


Maury May 1 2013

Maury Povich fans know they can expect relationship drama when they tune in for their daily dose. The May 1 show is no different, with two stories of love lives in peril. First, it’s Teshinya versus Clarence. Is he cheating at church? Later, Desirae and Chris face off over her unborn child. Here’s what’s in store on the show.

Maury: Clarence Cheating At Church?

Maury: Is Clarence Cheating At Church? Desirae's Baby Daddy Strays

Teshinya wants to know: is Clarence cheating at church? Find out what she did to get the truth. Also on Maury, Desirae’s friend slept with her baby daddy.


When Teshinya went undercover to expose her cheating man, she hoped that her suspicions would prove to be wrong. But by the time you are concocting such an elaborate scheme, aren’t you pretty sure you are right anyway? Otherwise, why would you go through with it?

Teshinya created a fake persona to see if she could get her own boyfriend to pursue this fictional woman. That’s right–she catfished her own man to prove that he was cheating.

Even worse is the idea that he is picking up other women in church! That is one crazy way to find a date–you would think that in church people would be on the same page, morally. But anything goes on Maury’s show.


Maury: Desirae’s Baby Drama

Desirae is five months pregnant with Chris’s child, but his future as a father may already be in jeopardy. Chris thinks that her baby daddy is cheating on her with another of their friends. Anything is possible, since they are high school age.

Desirae may not be the best judge of character, since she said her own friend not only slept with Chris, but then told her about it! I wonder if they are still friends.

One thing seems likely: Desirae is going to want things to change with Chris before she considers keeping him in her life once the baby arrives. You can see these explosive confrontations on the May 1 episode of Maury.


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