Maury: Is Brittany’s Recent Weight Gain Causing Her Husband To Cheat?


Maury: Explosive Lie Detector Results

Maury: Is Brittany's Recent Weight Gain Causing Her Husband To Cheat?

On March 12 2013, Maury has lie detector results that will settle whether or not these boyfriends and husband were cheating.

Maury deals with a storm of cheaters on March 12 2013. He talks to women whose best friends slept with their boyfriends and wives with unfaithful husbands. Grab the tissues, Maury, you’re in for a tear-filled episode of betrayal. When the results are read, the gloves come off.


Maury: Osborn’s Secrets

Osborn has two big secrets for his girlfriend. She never sees what’s coming when he tells her he may have gotten her best friend pregnant. The girlfriend is distraught and can’t believe she was betrayed by both of them. The best friend better watch out, Osborn’s girlfriend looks like she’s out for blood.

Maury: Brittany’s Weight Gain

Brittany believes her husband is cheating and it’s partially her fault. She thinks her recent weight gain has turned him off and now he’s turning to other women for satisfaction. He denies her accusation of cheating.

Maury: St. Louis Cheating?

Tiara says she knows her boyfriend St. Louis is cheating on her with her best friend, Jameka. She has video proof of him on the couch with Jameka. Tiara is ready to kick St. Louis to the curb, literally. It looks like she plans to kick him all the way out of Maury’s studio.


Maury has the lie detector results these people are looking for on March 12 2013. Will it bring them peace of mind or a desire to bash their cheating partner’s brains in?


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