Maury: Internet Love Affair, Secret Phone & He’s Cheating With Her Mom


Maury: Secret Internet Life & Family Affair

On March 22 2013, Maury is focusing his energy on Sarah and her boyfriend. After exposing the boyfriend’s secret life of cheating online, Maury turns to Samara. Samara believes her boyfriend is cheating on her. Could he be cheating with her mom and her cousin? It’s a family affair on Maury. 

Maury: Secret Internet Life

Maury: Internet Love Affair, Secret Phone & He's Cheating With Her Mom

On March 22 2013, Maury brings out the lie detector on a family affair and a cheating boyfriend.


Okay, think catfishing but take it a step further. This guy is meeting people online and then using them. They most likely use him too. Sarah’s boyfriend has a secret life online, but it’s really sketchy. He doesn’t just flirt with women. He’s a sneaky man and he really doesn’t care about poor Sarah. He has an extra phone to conduct his shady activities. Can you take a guess what he’s doing?

The outcome is so horrible that Sarah can’t stand the results. She sits there, sobbing, while her boyfriend tries to defend himself. There really is no nice way to say what he does online. He’s cheating on Sarah and it looks like their relationship is over.

Maury: Did You Sleep With My Mom?

Samara’s boyfriend is up to no good. Or that’s what Samara thinks. She believes her boyfriend has been sleeping with her mother and her cousin. I can’t really think of many grosser things than that. This family affair is getting a conclusion on this episode of MauryHis brings out the lie detector to have the final say in the matter.



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