Maury: I’m Back With A Secret & Maury’s Most Talented Kid 2013


Maury May 8 2013

Fights, family feuds, and finger-pointing can make for exciting, confrontational television on shows like Maury. But what happens once the cameras are off? On Maury’s May 8 show, “I’m Back With A Secret,” past guests return and Maury gets updates on previous episodes that had fans and audience members talking. Later, see this year’s Most Talented Kid winner.

Maury Guest Updates: I’m Back With A Secret

Maury: I'm Back With A Secret & Maury's Most Talented Kid 2013

Maury’s May 8 show features updates on past guests, including one man who says, “I’m back with a secret.” Also, Maury reveals the years’s Most Talented Kid.


In a previous episode, Keisha’s husband, Shannon, was cheating on her. What happened when they went home after the show? Is he back to his old ways?

I don’t think Keisha is going to like what she hears from Shannon on the May 8 episode. “Are you serious?” she asks in this episode, standing up from her chair to take in the news she receives.

Maury: Are You Still Cheating?

Jessica thinks that her man, Greg, is still cheating with large women. In a previous episode, she learned that her suspicions were true, and he has been seeing other women behind her back.


Has he changed his ways or gone back to his past bad behavior? You will have to tune in to find out for yourself on Maury’s May 8 episode.

How many times do you have to take your significant other on Maury and find out they are cheating before you decide to give up on the relationship?

Maury’s Future Stars: Most Talented Kid 2013 Winner

Lost amid all the lie detectors and paternity tests is the fact that, each year, Maury searches for the most talented kid in America. As is thematically appropriate, Maury’s Future Stars 2013 winner will be announced in the same episode that we learn whether cheaters are still cheating.

That’s Maury for you, and fans wouldn’t have it any other way. See the updates and meet Maury’s Most Talented Kid on the May 8 show.


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