Maury: I’m Back For Another DNA Test—Is Your Second Baby Mine?


Maury May 13 2013

If you find yourself having to get a paternity test, you may need to take a minute and figure out how you got off track in your life. You usually have to make quite a string of bad decisions along the way to end up in that position, especially if you are turning to Maury for help. On May 13 2013, meet a guest who says, “I’m back for another DNA test.”

Maury: Kissing A Strange Man

Maury: I'm Back For Another DNA Test—Is Your Second Baby Mine?

A past guest is back for another DNA test on Maury’s May 13 episode. A father denies one child but may find out he is not the father of the one he wants.


Victor witnessed Casey kissing someone in a car. But that someone was not his brother, Larry, with whom Casey has a child. Is the baby really his? Victor wants to help his brother get to the truth on Maury’s May 13 episode.

Can you imagine being tricked into raising someone else’s child? On the other hand, what if Victor is just acting on an impulse or maybe just wants to meddle in his brother’s relationship?

Tune in for the May 13 show and find out how this family will cope with the shocking test results. It’s another day of DNA tests and family feuds on Maury.


Maury: Another DNA Test

Cortney thinks that Donnie is not the father of her baby. That’s OK, because another woman claims she has had Donnie’s baby and wants him to be a part of her life. The catch is that Donnie isn’t interested in being involved with the second woman, and denies that he is the father of her child.

This situation sounds like it has gotten off track. I hope these people can figure out a manageable solution that will help them all find peace. But first, the truth will be revealed when Maury reads the DNA test results on the air during this May 13 show.

How will the answers change everyone’s lives?


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