Maury: Husband Cheats In Online Chat Rooms and Finds Women On Facebook

Maury: Husbands Cheating Online

On April 19 2013, Maury finds out how far it takes to break a woman’s trust. Mayyadah says that she has trusted her husband so far, but he’s recently been dabbling in some unsavory activities. She’s ready to throw him to the wolves if the lie detector proves her suspicions. Then, Debbie, 19, believes her fiance, Pablo, is cheating on her. Pablo believes Debbie is getting cold feet for their upcoming wedding, but the lie detector says otherwise.

Maury: Husband Cheats In Online Chat Rooms and Finds Women On Facebook

On April 19 2013, Mayyadah finds out that her husband has been having secret hookups in online chat rooms.

Maury: Mayyadah & Joshua

Joshua has been a reliable husband so far. Until recently he had the complete trust of his wife Mayyadah. She then found evidence of his secret life online. He’s been cheating with women in chat rooms and getting it on behind Mayyadah’s back. If the lie detector proves that Joshua has been hooking up online, Mayyadah is ready to divorce this loser.

The best thing about Mayyadah is that she isn’t afraid to give her husband a talking to. On this episode, she and Joshua scream at each other like you’ve never seen a couple fight before.

Maury: Debbie & Pablo

Debbie is 19 and marrying Pablo. While he’s supposed to be her knight in shining armor, Debbie thinks he may be seeing someone else. Pablo thinks Debbie is crazy and that she’s just nervous about getting married so young. She had her best friend call Pablo and pretend that she was one of the women he met on Facebook. Debbie thinks the proof is just too clear. The results get everyone fired up and Debbie flees the stage.

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