Maury: He Says He’s At Church—Is My Fiance Cheating With Other Women?


Maury May 10 2013

Is my fiance cheating when he says he’s at church? That’s what one woman wants to know as guests confront their friends and family members about infidelity on Maury’s May 10 show. You never know what the results will reveal, but somebody is going to be disappointed with the results on the next Maury. Are these men cheating with other women?

Maury: Is My Fiance Cheating When He Says He’s At Church?

Maury: He Says He’s At Church—Is My Fiance Cheating With Other Women?

Maury’s May 10 show has several female guests who suspect that the men in their life are cheating with other women. Lie detector tests reveal the truth.


Charisse thinks that her fiance, Deon, is cheating on her with her best friend! Some friend Shante is, if this turns out to be true. But that may not be the whole story, and Maury is going to have to coax the truth out of his guests, which could leave Charisse devastated before the show is over.

Why would Deon spend five days a week at church? His story is that he is using the computer in the church basement, but he might be doing something else down there. Will Charisse get to the awful truth? What will she do when she learns what’s really going on?

Maury: Cheating With Other Women

Jessica is tired of catching her baby’s father, Ronald, in lie after lie. Now she wants to get a lie detector test to help her uncover the shocking truth about her relationship.


That’s because Jessica suspects that Ronald has been sleeping with her own cousin, Teresa. Family must not mean much to these people.

Plus, Jennifer wants to know if her boyfriend Rob has been sleeping with Brittany behind her back. Are all these women stealing men from their friends and family members?

Maury has the lie detector results that could send shockwaves through the guests and audience, and they’re all in this May 10 episode. If you could put one person in your life on a lie detector, who would it be and what would you want to ask them?


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