Maury: Fernando is Not the Father & Did Jude’s Vasectomy Work or Not?


Maury Povich: Fernando Leaves Behind Legacy After Passing Away

Susie has been devastated over the loss of her 22-year-old son Fernando. His mother had been heartbroken for months because of the the death but also because of someone she called Fernando’s stalker. A woman named Regina said she slept with Fernando before he passed away and she is now carrying his child but Susie doesn’t believe it. She says Fernando would never sleep with her and there is no way the baby is his.

Maury: Fernando is Not the Father & Did Jude's Vasectomy Work or Not?

Maury Povich June 14 2013 found out Fernando did not leave behind a child and Amanda accused Jude of getting her pregnant but he got a vasectomy.


Did Fernando get Susie pregnant? The only to find out is through a DNA test and Maury knows just where to turn when he needs when of those.

When he talks with the mother of Regina, he finds out that they also believe the baby inside of her is Fernando’s, but, again, Susie says there is now way that is her grandchild.

When the DNA test results come back, they prove Fernando is not the father of Regina’s child. Almost immediately, Regina and her mother both fell on the ground from humiliation.


Maury: Jude Had a Vasectomy But Did He Get Amanda Pregnant?

Amanda is convinced her ex-boyfriend, Jude, got her pregnant but Jude says there is no way he could have gotten her pregnant.

“I had a vasectomy. It’s impossible,” he said to Maury in the highest pitched voice I have ever heard. Did anyone else notice how high his voice was? He sounded like a cartoon mouse.

Anyways, Jude and his new girlfriend are ready for the DNA test results because they are confident the baby is not his.

Is Amanda correct in thinking the child in her belly is Jude’s? Did Jude lie about his vasectomy? Only Maury has the answers to those questions.


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