Maury: Did Michelle Flirt With Mother-In-Law & Zebarious Love Triangle


Maury: Did Michelle Flirt With Her Mother-In-Law?

On April 18 2013, Maury amps up the scandal. Zabarious and his girl Tamika want a DNA test, but not for their baby. Zebarious had a baby with his wife, not Tamika, and she wants to prove that he is the father. Then, Mary hopes to stop her son’s wedding. She has reason to believe that his fiancee Michelle is a cheater and may have made a pass at her.

Maury: Did Michelle Flirt With Mother-In-Law & Zebarious Love Triangle

On April 18 2013, Maury looks at Zebarious’ love triangle. Is he really the father of his wife’s baby?


Maury: Zebarious’ Love Triangle

Pay attention, because this one is tricky. Zebarious is dating Tamika. She wants a DNA test to prove that he is not the father of a child. This child is not hers, mind you. This child belongs to Zebarious’ wife, Rhonda. Rhonda wants to prove that she and Zebarious had a baby so they can stay together. With these names, I’m looking forward to what they have named the baby.

Maury: Is Michelle a Cheater?

Also on this episode of MauryMary wants to break up her son and his fiancee, Michelle. Patrick’s mother has been telling him that Michelle is a cheater. How does she know this? Well, Michelle may have been hitting on Mary.

Maury: Desmond & Yolanda

Desmond says he refuses to take care of another man’s baby. He has heard that Yolanda has slept with at least 10 different men. She says he is going to find out on April 18 that he is the father of her son.


Maury: Ben & Crystal

Also, Ben is refusing to take a part in Crystal’s baby’s life. He says that he is not the father and Crystal is ready to set him straight. Crystal says that Ben makes up stories so that he doesn’t have to take care of a baby. Can some one please start a “Bad Guy Ben” meme? “Good Guy Greg” could use a villain.


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