Maury: Cedric Denies Fathering Twins & Dooger Shuns His Three Children


Maury Povich: Cedric Wants DNA Paternity Test for Twins

Cedric and Deidra have a wedding date set but it seems like the wedding might fall through because Cedric does not believe the two twins he has been raising as his own are actually his. He thinks she is cheating on him and he wants proof she isn’t cheating and more proof the twins are actually his.

Maury: Cedric Denies Fathering Twins & Dooger Shuns His Three Children

Maury Povich June 17 2013 met Cedric who claims his twins are not his, Dooger shuns his three kids and Donnie learned he fathered two kids by two women.


“He is sitting here denying my twins,” said a furious Deidra.

She is not happy the wedding could be called off because her fiance is getting cold feet. She says she is not cheating, has never cheated and both of the kids are his.

When the paternity test comes back, it turns out Deidra was lying to Cedric the entire time. She cheated on him with another man meaning the twins are not Cedric’s after all.


Looks like this is one wedding that is going to be cancelled very soon.

Maury: Courtney Says Donnie is Not the Father

Donnie may have had two babies by two women but he doesn’t think so. Courtney says there is no way her baby is Donnie’s though. She claims to have broken up with Donnie three months before she got pregnant. Then Katrina says she is positive Donnie is the father of her child but Donnie says there is no way he is the father of her child.

When the paternity tests come back, it is double shocker for Donnie. It looks like he is the father of Katrina’s baby and he is the father of Courntey’s baby as well.

He just became the father of two kids in the span of a few minutes.

Dooger Claims All Three Children are Not His

Dooger and Maryanne are an engaged couple with three children but there seems to be trouble brewing in the relationship. Maryanne’s meddling sister, Lisa, has convinced Dooger none of the three children are his.

Dooger is ready to call off the engagement if the children are not his and the only way to find out is a paternity test on Maury.


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