Maury: Brittany Convincing Diante He’s the Father & Melissa Cheats


Maury Povich: Brittany Fights to Prove Diante is the Baby Daddy

For three long years Brittany has been trying to prove to her ex-boyfriend Diante he is the father of her child but there doesn’t seem to be any way to convince him. He says there is no way the child is his and he even brings his mother with him to back up everything he has to say about the baby not being his.

Maury: Brittany Convincing Diante He's the Father & Melissa Cheats

Maury Povich June 3 2013 talked with one woman who has been trying to convince Diante he’s the father or her child and Melissa cheats on an older man.


While this seems like a typical show on Maury (Guy doesn’t want the kid, says the kid is not his and then finds out is from the paternity test it is), this episode is a bit different. Both Diante and his mother say they never even knew Brittany had a child until they were dragged onto the show.

Could Brittany be lying to Diante about him being the father of her child because she wants someone to help her raise this baby? Or could Diante and his mother be lying to Maury so they don’t have to take responsibility for the child?

Only Maury knows the answers to those questions and all those questions will be answered when he reads the paternity test. And from the reaction Diante has after the paternity test is revealed, I would say he isn’t the father.


Melissa Cheats on Older Boyfriend

Melissa is 24-years-old while her boyfriend Rob is 47. The two have a child together but Rob’s oldest daughter Jenny does not think the baby is Rob’s. She claims Melissa is a sleeping around with other men meaning the baby could be anybodies.

Is Jenny telling the truth or is she just  jealous her father is spending time with someone who is almost the same age as her?


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