Maury: Ali Cursed into Having a Baby & SP Says He Can’t Father a Girl


Maury: S.P. Can’t Make a Baby Girl

S.P. is back on Maury again and this time he brought his brother along. Both of the brothers slept with the same woman, Tiffany, who is saying her newborn baby is one of theirs, but they are saying there is no way.

Maury: Ali Cursed into Having a Baby & SP Says He Can't Father a Girl

Maury April 30 2013 talked with three men who are convinced none of them fathered a child. One man said he was cursed into getting his girlfriend pregnant.


So why do these two brothers, who both admit to being with Tiffany at separate times, not believe either one of them is the father of Tiffany’s child? Well, S.P. said there is no way the baby is his because he could not have a girl. He claims there is no way at all that he could father a girl. As for his brother, he just says there is no possible way he could be the father.

These brothers have some pretty convincing arguments. I mean it is possible to choose the gender of the child before it is even conceived, right? Obviously, one of these two brothers fathered a girl and they know nothing about how reproduction works.

Besides their claims at not being able to father a girl, both the brothers are saying Tiffany’s baby was fathered by her 80-year-old coworker. I have a feeling neither of these men have ever taken a sexual education course.


Maury: Ali Cursed Into Having a Baby

Ali is convinced his girlfriend’s mother has put a curse on him and it is the curse that got his girlfriend, Anna, pregnant. He says there is no way the baby is his but both mother and daughter say there is no possible way it could be anyone else’s baby.

Could the curse have really worked on Ali? Is this child a product of voodoo magic or is Ali just not man enough to take on his responsibilities in life?

This is going to be one crazy episode of Maury with two paternity tests that will make your jaw drop.


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