Maury: 15-Year-Old Victoria Wants Baby & Black Baby With White Parents


Maury: Top 10 Shocking Betrayals

Maury: 15-year-old Victoria Wants Baby & Black Baby With White Parents

On April 10 2013, Maury presents the top 10 most shocking moments ever, including a 15-year-old that’s dying to be a mom.

On April 10 2013, Maury is bringing out his 10 most shocking moments from his series. He’s going to bring the craziest reveals and lie detector results and the strangest paternity results. Maury presents the favorite moments from the Maury show history.


Maury: Best Maury Moments

In honor of this weirdo fest, I looked up some of the strangest Maury moments in history. Here are some of my favorites, but who knows if they are on the show or not.

Black baby with white parents: A woman told her husband that their son may not be his child. Adorable Nathaen has chubby cheeks and an adorable innocence. How did Richard not realize that he and his wife are white and their baby is black?


15-year-old wants a baby: Victoria, 15, bragged about having intimate relations over 300 times with 15 different men. Her mom walked in on her daughter sleeping with a man in her bed three times. Victoria wants to have a baby and isn’t going to stop until she gets pregnant. Her mom Vicki found boxes and boxes of baby things in Victoria’s closet.

This one might be my favorite. Victoria is the strangest person I’ve ever seen on Maury. She launched into a crazy tirade about all the things she will do with a baby. The video is priceless. She calls herself a “playa” and just broke her mother’s heart on stage.


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