Live With Kelly: Dr. Wendy Bazilian Healthy Grilling Tips


Live With Kelly: Dr. Wendy Bazilian

Last week, Live with Kelly kicked off its “Grilling with the Stars” competition. Today’s theme, however, was all about health. Dr. Wendy Bazilian stopped by Live With Kelly to give Kelly and Bryant some quick and easy tips for healthy grilling. Did you know that a single cheeseburger can be up to 1,000 calories? Wendy revealed how you can still enjoy your favorite summer barbeque foods without packing on the pounds.

Dr Wendy Bazilian: Healthy Grilling Substitutes

Dr Wendy Bazilian shared healthy grilling substitutes for hot dogs, beef, condiments & spices on Live With Kelly.


Live With Kelly: Beef Grilling Substitutes

As a substitute for beef, you can buy bison meat, which has fewer fat and a lot more protein. If you choose to go with turkey, make sure you go for breast meat and stay away from what Wendy called “unknown parts” (yikes). Veggie burgers or portobello mushroom caps also make good vegetarian substitutions.

Dr Wendy Bazilian: Hot Dog Grilling Substitutes

Another favorite summer food is hot dogs, but they can be loaded with preservatives. Wendy warned people to stay away from “sodium nitrates,” because they cause cancer. You can also use kielbasa, turkey dogs, or even a banana in place of the hot dog meat.

Dr. Wendy Bazilian: Healthy Summer Spices

Condiments and sauces can unexpectedly cause a lot of weight gain. Wendy said to stay away from barbeque sauce, and instead make your own marinades using fresh herbs and spices. Oregano is one super-healthy herb that goes great with almost anything. Mix it with anything from olive oil to mustard– you can choose any combination that you like.


Live With Kelly: Ketchup & Mayo Swaps

Everybody loves ketchup, but it is loaded with hidden sugars. Forego the ketchup and instead use fresh tomato slices or salsa, since there is an abundance of fresh tomato in the summertime.

Mayonnaise is another condiment that is very bad for you, and it is in a lot of our favorite dressings and salads. On a sandwich you can substitute creamy avocado, or in pasta or potato salad, simply leave it out and load up with fresh veggies instead.


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