Kelly & Michael: Camilla Consuelos Apple Sausage Stuffing Recipe


Live! Thanksgiving Family Recipe Week

Recapo update: Check out Nicole Murphy’s 2013 Cornbread Chicken Apple Sausage Stuffing Recipe and our Thanksgiving Pinterest page.

This week has provided some amazing holiday recipes, from Autumn Squash Soup, to Pumpkin Pudding Crunch, to Sweet Potato Casserole and Spicy Brussels Sprouts. To wrap up Thanksgiving Family Recipe week, Kelly welcomed her “favorite” mother-in-law, Camilla Consuelos, to share her recipe for Apple Sausage Stuffing. Camilla first came to America from Italy in 1975, so before that, she never celebrated Thanksgiving. Now, she loves the holiday, because it gives her the chance to count the many blessings she has in her life. In fact, Camilla said that Kelly is one of her very biggest blessings.



  1. Rose says

    I use a similar recipe and always get compliments on the stuffing. This year I will use this recipe, because of the use of sour cream and wine. Those are two ingredients which I’ve never tried in stuffing.

  2. Cassi says

    Can you take this same recipe and stuff it in your turkey for Thanksgiving instead of cooking it seperately. (There is only so much oven space!) Thank you for sharing.

  3. Linda Harrison says

    Cannot thank Kelly’s Mother-In-Law enough for this recipe! I made it for Thanksgiving and it was very simple and got rave reviews!

  4. jeanne mann says

    I thought I could make this stuffing by memory and made it for thanksgiving. I forgot about the apples and the wine. I stuffed the bird and it was great. I just took a copy of the recipe and will make it again the right way and i’m sure it will be even better. Thank you !

  5. Brenda F says

    I made this recipe for the first time this Thanksgiving. Oh my gosh—everyone loved it!! It was wonderful and everyone wanted to take some home.
    It was also really easy to make. It is a keeper and I already have requests to bring it to our family gathering at Christmas.
    Don’t be afraid to try it. Thanks so much Kelly!

  6. Jean-Ann says

    I tried this and got rave reviews from my family! I went to find it for this year for my husbands family…I panicked! I couldn’t find it…I looked it up online….I am so happy it is sill out there! Thank you Camiila!

  7. Meg says

    I made this last year and loved it. I put what would fit in the turkey and then the rest in a dish. Both were good but hard to beat the stuffing that comes out of the bird.

  8. Venida gunzelman says

    I made this last year. My family loved it! We enjoyed the stuffing in my turkey. The leftover I put in oven to keep warm.My oven broke and wouldn’t turn off. My stuffing was burnt. My husband cannot wait for me to make it again this year with my new double oven! Thanks Camilla!

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