Ryan Lochte & Kristin Chenoweth: Kelly & Michael September 7 2012 Recap


Kelly & Michael September 7 2012

Kelly & Michael September 7 2012 wrapped up their first week as co-hosting partners with lively discussion and guests from a cross section of the entertainment world. Check in with Kristin Chenoweth about her recent accident and find out the latest from rock star Melissa Etheridge. Plus, see what Ryan Lochte is revealing about his personal life and workout. Here’s what you missed on Live with Kelly & Michael September 7 2012.

CMT ‘Cheer’ Review & Co-Hosts Height Difference

Kristin Chenoweth: Kelly & Michael September 7 2012 Recap

Kristin Chenoweth returned to Kelly & Michael September 7 2012 with an update on her health after a summer accident. (Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com)


When standing, there is more than a foot between Kelly & Michael. But sitting in their stools at the co-host desk, the pair is pretty evenly matched. Is this TV trickery or a fluke of biology? The co-hosts broke out the measuring tape. Plus, find out how Kelly and her husband are behind the new CMT reality series Cheer, which got a good review from The New York Times.

Kristin Chenoweth: Head Injury & Good Wife Accident Update

Kristin Chenoweth made her first TV appearance since a shocking summer accident that left her with some serious injuries. She spoke candidly about what happened to her on the set of The Good Wife and how she is doing in her recovery process. Her good spirits and positivity were infectious, and she even let Michael Strahan pick her and Kelly up, one in each arm, to end the segment.

Kelly & Michael: Melissa Etheridge “Falling Up” & 4th Street Feeling

Melissa Etheridge is back with the new album 4th Street Feeling, and she performed her single “Falling Up” for Kelly & Michael. After decades of success and a dozen albums, she is still going strong and getting back to her roots for this latest release. Plus, find out what other musicians are heading to the Live! stage this fall.


Ryan Lochte Strip Trivia & Lochte Hardcore Review

Challenge with the Champions week has kept the Live! co-hosts busy. But they didn’t waste any time stripping 11-time Olympic medalist Ryan Lochte down to his swimwear and into a dunk tank. Check out how they stacked the questions in Strip Trivia to ensure that Ryan ended up taking his pants off. Plus, learn about his upcoming workout DVD.


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