Olivia Wilde & Matthew Perry: Kelly & Michael September 11 2012 Recap


Kelly & Michael September 11 2012

It was a day for remembering on Kelly & Michael September 11 2012, with the co-hosts sharing memories of the tragic events of 9/11/01. This episode also featured special guest Andy Murray, winner of the US Open, and stars Matthew Perry and Olivia Wilde. Plus, the audience met the Cutest Kid Search finalists in person for the first time. Check out these segments from Kelly & Michael September 11 2012.

Kelly & Michael: Remembering 9/11 | US Open Winner Andy Murray

Olivia Wilde: Kelly & Michael September 11 2012 Recap

Olivia Wilde and Matthew Perry joined Kelly & Michael September 11 2012 for interviews about their latest gigs. (Joe Seer / Shutterstock.com)


Kelly Ripa was on the air 11 years ago this morning as terrorists attacked the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. She and Michael Strahan reflected on how that day changed New York and the country forever. They also got a special visit from Andy Murray, who just won this year’s US Open, becoming the first Brit to do so in three quarters of a century.

Kelly & Michael: Matthew Perry ‘Go On’ Review & Dodgers First Pitch

From the new NBC sitcom Go On, Matthew Perry talked sports with Kelly and Michael. He reflected on his anxiety for throwing the first pitch at a Dodgers game, and a failed PR attempt this weekend at the Denver Broncos game. Plus, he got personal in a quickfire round of Q&A with the co-hosts.

Kelly & Michael: Olivia Wilde ‘The Words’ Review & Rescue Dog Paco

In the new movie The Words, Olivia Wilde spends her time attempting to seduce Dennis Quaid. When she’s not acting, she is getting settled at her brand new apartment or body surfing in the ocean with her rescue dog, Paco. Find out why she wants everyone to adopt a rescue dog, and what you can expect from The Words.


Live’s Cutest Kid Search Week: Meet the Finalists

Yesterday, the Cutest Kid Search Finalists were announced. Today, the parents and kids made their TV debut on the Live! stage. They’ll pop up again throughout the rest of the week, including for an upcoming photo shoot segment.

A few of the kids had their first plane rides, and they seemed to do well on the trips. The parents found out just yesterday that they’d be coming to New York. A couple of them are missing school for this weeklong competition.

The winning family gets a Norwegian Cruise trip and one cutest kid’s family will receive a Dodge Journey.

Kelly & Michael’s Inbox

A Pennsylvania viewer said her two-year-old loves to imitate Michael’s tennis grunts and learned the word “sexy” from him. A New Jersey mom said her daughter wanted to be “a god” when she grows up, in reference to Joaquin’s writing assignment earlier in the show.

Other viewers praised the choice of Michael as new co-host (isn’t he doing great?) and recalled the American spirit on this 9/11 anniversary.


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