Live With Kelly Recap May 14, 2012


Live With Kelly: May 14, 2012

Jimmy Kimmel, of “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” co-hosted with Kelly on a show that featured Chris Colfer from “Glee,” Holly Cavanaugh from “American Idol,” a Top Teacher finalist, and some fun discussions. Click on each link to find out more.

Live With Kelly May 14, 2012

Live With Kelly's May 14, 2012 Show featured Jimmy Kimmel (Image Credit: Featureflash /


Live With Kelly: Jimmy Kimmel Co-Host

Jimmy Kimmel was as funny as ever, discussing with Kelly his New York heritage, Mother’s Day, the White House Correspondents Dinner and political magazine covers. They also chatted about their favorite Girl Scout Cookies and the potential perils of the Justin Bieber haircut.

Live With Kelly: Jimmy Kimmel Co-Hosts Mothers Day Show

Live With Kelly: Chris Colfer from “Glee”

His character may be graduating on “Glee,” but Chris Colfer says he is staying on the show. He also discusses his new pet cat and his debut film, Struck By Lightning.


Live With Kelly: Chris Colfer from Glee’s Struck By Lightning Review

Kelly Ripa: Holly Cavanaugh Sang Bleeding Love

Most recent cast off Holly Cavanaugh sang Leona Lewis’ “Bleeding Love” and also discussed her British heritage with Kelly and Jimmy.

Live With Kelly: Holly Cavanaugh from American Idol Sang Bleeding Love

Live With Kelly: Top Teacher Week Danielle Greco

Live With Kelly viewers will be able to vote this week for a Top Teacher to win 25,000 dollars for his or her school, plus a new Ford Fusion. The first finalist is Danielle Greco, a special education teacher from Bethpage, NY, who goes above and beyond for her students.

Live With Kelly: Top Teacher Week Danielle Greco of John F Kennedy


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