Live With Kelly Recap December 23, 2011


Live With Kelly December 23, 2011

On today’s holiday special, Mark Consuelos and Kelly Ripa recalled holiday memories from the show, with special flashback appearances by former host Regis Philbin. Click on the links at the end of each section below to read more about that segment. Merry Christmas everyone!

Live With Kelly: Mark Consuelos & Kelly Ripa Co-Host

Kelly’s husband Mark was back again today for special Christmas episode featuring favorite holiday memories. They discussed last minute holiday preparations and talked about how often men think about sex. Mark Consuelos gave his opinion, which contradicted the study’s findings.


Live With Kelly: Mark Consuelos Returns With Kelly Ripa

Kelly Ripa December 23 2011

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Kelly & Kid’s Christmas Memories with Regis Philbin

In the first holiday flashback segment, Kelly Ripa looked back at her misadventures having her children help with Christmas cooking segments through the years. Regis Philbin took a particular liking to Michael, his partner in crime. Later, Mark Consuelos drove to a Christmas tree farm to find the perfect tree for the family. He even cut it down himself, the old fashioned way.


Live With Kelly Ripa: Holiday Memories With Regis Philbin & Kelly’s Kids

Live With Kelly: Pork Recipe & Lidia Bastianich

Kelly Ripa had some last minute holiday cooking ideas. First, she and Chef Lidia Bastianich made a traditional Italian Christmas Eve seafood pasta. It uses whole scallops, and they even left the heads on the shrimp. Then, Kelly joined Chef Daniel Boulud to make a Guinness Pork Shoulder Roast Recipe with sweet potatoes and dried cherries that looked golden and delicious.

Live With Kelly Ripa: Christmas Recipes With Lidia Bastianich & Daniel Boulud

Kelly Ripa & Regis Philbin Christmas Decorations

The show wrapped up with more holiday memories featuring Regis Philbin. He visited the Consuelos home to help decorate the tree with Kelly Ripa, Mark Consuelos, and the children. Later, he read them the classic poem “The Night Before Christmas,” but the kids were not being cooperative. Finally, Kelly Ripa wished everyone a Merry Christmas.

Live With Kelly Ripa: Regis Philbin Decorates With The Consuelos Family


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